Record iTunes Radio with Replay Radio

Even the most hardcore iTunes users are so focused on music in files that they don’t even see the program’s “Radio” button. But iTunes radio provides access to hundreds of internet radio stations, and you’ll find that you can easily record iTunes radio shows and songs for later with Replay Radio from Applian Technologies.

How to record iTunes radio stations onto your iPod

  1. Open iTunes, and click the Radio tab, and decide which station you would like to record. Then open Replay Radio and click the “Audio” tab . Together, the two programs should look something like this:
  2. Hit the “Start” button on Replay Radio, then start up your internet radio station, which is HoldStation in this example. You will see an icon for your recording appear in Replay Radio′s “Audio” window. The file size at the bottom of the recording icon will increase as the recording gets longer:
  3. When you want to end your recording, click on Replay Radio′s stop bottom. Make sure you remember to end your recording, so you don’t end up with a gigantic file containing stuff you don’t want. Your recording icon will say “Complete” at the bottom. The file name will be pretty generic, so right click on it, and rename it to suit your tastes and hit return.
  4. Now click on Replay Radio′s “Library” Tab, and you will see your recording, which is renamed (from step 3) as “R HoldStation.” Congratulations — you’ve learned how to record iTunes radio!
  5. Let’s say you want to transfer this file to a particular kind of device — an iPhone, Android phone, MP3 player. Click “No Conversion Setting” at the upper left of the Replay Radio window, ands a whole bunch of file conversion choices appear in a series of windows. In this example, we’re going to convert the file for use on a Nokia phone:
  6. Of course, the whole of this exercise is listening to the music. To do so, just double click on your recording’s icon in the “Library” window. A control panel appear at the bottom of the window, and the recording starts to play:

That’s how easy it is to record iTunes radio content!

To start now, just take these two simple steps:

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