Record Any Internet Radio Show with Replay Radio

Once upon a time, when music lovers were at the mercy FM and AM radio, it was a rare thing when listeners had access to more than a handful of decent stations. Thankfully, the internet offers an ever-increasing myriad of excellent radio stations, and you can easily record internet radio thanks to Applian Technologies and Replay Radio.

Imagine being able to automatically record your favorite internet radio shows, and then listen whenever you want on your PC, iPod or MP3 Player. It’s really easy to do! With thousands of the most popular radio stations broadcasting over the internet, you can turn your your PC into a kaleidoscopic Internet Radio recorder.

Note: this tutorial is for scheduling ahead of time for stations in Applian Technologies station guides. If your station is not listed in the guides, learn how to manually record internet radio at the how-to called How to Record Any Radio Show.

Replay Radio from Applian Technologies is far and away the best solution for capturing internet radio shows. It’s a powerful recording program with a built-in media guide to find radio shows and stations. Recorded radio shows can be turned into MP3 files or even burned to a CD. And with Applian Technologies Stream Capture technology, you can even record multiple shows from the internet simultaneously!

Note: This tutorial shows you how to set up a recording using the Replay Radio′s many guides, which cover thousands of listings. For shows or stations NOT in the guides, read the tutorial How to Record Any Internet Radio Show.

How to Record Internet Radio Shows

  1. Visit the Applian Technologies website and download Replay Radio.
  2. Open the prbgram. If you are using Windows and it initially blocks access to the program, click Allow on the blocked access window. You can also choose to check the box that allows access on public networks — that’s up to you.
  3. Once Replay Radio′s window pops up, hit the Guides icon near the top. A variety of radio station guides will appear, including guides from Applian (top left), icecast, and SiriusXM.
  4. For this tutorial, let’s click on Applian’s guides. What you see first is just the first few guides. Scroll down, and you’ll see plenty more in categories such as Talk, Business, Relationships, Politics, and Sports.
  5. Let’s click on Alternative, which should get you this selection:
  6. Let’s click on The Kasbah, which brings you into a folder with an icon for the station where you can find this show, KSYM 90.1 FM, broadcasting from San Antonio. Now click the pull down arrow on the right of the station icon and hit Schedule.
  7. After clicking Schedule, you’ll see the scheduling window pop up. Here I’m scheduling a 6:00 p.m. recording of 60 minutes on Saturday. Make sure you’re capture setting is Direct download. The download setting below capture should be set on Normal. Very important: make sure your computer is turned on at the time the recording is scheduled to start. Replay Radio can’t turn on your computer, do your laundry, or perform other household tasks! Click on Ok when you’re done. Replay Radio is now prepared to record internet radio for you.
  8. You can then go to the main window and hit Schedule to open the schedule itself, which should show the recording you set up as well as any other recordings you have planned:
  9. To play a recording, just click on its icon. When I click on the Pfunk recording icon, for instance, Applian’s FLV Player appears and the recording starts playing.

Now that you know how easy it is to record internet radio at any time, there are just two important steps left:

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