Record and Email Internet Radio

This how-to will help you to accomplish a pair of groovy goals. We’re going to use Applian Technologies’ Replay Media Catcher to record a big file of internet radio music and then email the oversize file with the help of large file transfer program SendThisFile.

Both of these endeavors present challenges. A lot of people just don’t know how to record internet radio. And a lot of others have seen their email program time out or crash when asked to send big files. While many email senders are pleased to note their providers have a 10-20 MB limit, they sometimes find that the recipient’s provider has a way lower limit. With the right program, you can email a file of almost any size.

You’ll find it’s easy to record internet radio — and all sorts of other great content — with Replay Media Catcher. And SendThisFile will help you email files that would normally cause smoke to come out of your computer.

Tips on Recording Internet Radio and Emailing it with SendThisFile

  1. Visit Applian Technologies and download Replay Media Catcher. And download SendThisFile.
  2. Open Replay Media Catcher. Now get on your computer and find an internet radio station you want to record. In this example, I’m going to record a long sequence of EDM for a party a friend of mine is having in another state, so she can use it when the DJ is taking breaks. I don’t care about breaking it up into individual songs. I just want the music to play continuously, but this leads to a file size that’s tough to email.
  3. Now I go to Replay Media Catcher’s “Internet” tab and click the red “off” button, which starts the recording process. The green “On” button appears, and an icon appears to chart the recording’s progress:
  4. Now I’ve got a good sized file.
  5. Now I click on the “Library” tab and click on the box that says “No Conversion Setting.” This will reveal a wide variety of file conversion choices, and I’m opting for high quality MP3.
  6. Now I’ve got an easily playable MP3 file, so I go to SendThisFile and choose my recipient and attach the file. If you are confused about where file is in your computer, just go to the recording’s icon in Replay Media Catcher, hit the down arrow, and click on “Show in Folder.”

Now all I have to do is hit the “SendThisFile” button, and my friend is in possession of a nice set of dance music.

It’s all pretty easy. Once you have the right email program, there are just two easy steps:

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