How to Record Spotify Music

Spotify is a great source for music on the internet — everything from old favorites to the newest hits. Why not record Spotify music so you can listen to it whenever you feel like it, even when you have no internet access?

It’s easy to record Spotify songs with Replay Music from Applian Technologies.

Guide to Recording Spotify Music

  1. Download your copy of Replay Music. Start Replay Music before you open your browser and/or start Spotify. Once both programs are active.
  2. Before you start recording, you may want to change Replay Music’s output settings to match the download speed of your version of Spotify. The premium version works at about 320 Kbps, versus about half that rate for the free version. Adjust your rate in the output tab:
  3. Now Click on “Start Recording” and play the Spotify music you want to record. A window will pop up with tagging information on the song. Make changes as necessary.
  4. Remember to click on “Stop Recording” when you want your recording to end. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a file with a lot of dead air in it.
  5. After you stop recording, you should see your song in the Replay Music window. If the program has not filled in all the track info, just right click on the title and choose “Edit.” To listen to the recording, just click on the track to highlight and then click on “Play.”
  6. Songs will appear in a Replay Music folder on your computer. To locate the folder, just right click on the song title and choose “Open Track Folder.” The folder will open on your screen.

So that’s it — it’s easy to record Spotify music. It just takes two simple steps:

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