How to Record MP3s from MySpace

While Facebook threatens to do to MySpace what Godzilla did to Tokyo, there is still plenty of great music on MySpace and Imeem. So why not record some great tunes and save them as MP3 files you can play whenever you want?

While you may like the videos, recording the music by itself will let you make the audio content easy to play on your favorite home or portable audio device.

If you want to record MP3s from MySpace videos, Applian Technologies has the perfect program for you: Replay Video Capture.

(To save a MySpace video along with its audio content, see this how-to.

A Quick Rundown on Recording MP3s from MySpace

  1. 1. Visit the Applian Technologies website and download Replay Video Capture. You will also want to download and Install Replay Converter.
  2. Pick out a MySpace video, and open Replay Video Capture:
  3. A green sizing rectangle will appear. Use the cursor to adjust it to the exact size of the area you want to capture. In the example below, the rectangle needs some adjusting, since it does not cover the whole video area.
  4. Next, click on one of the “Record” buttons. There’s one in the sizing window and another on the blue Replay Video Capture window. Now go ahead and start playing your video. Once recording has started, the content will stream through the small screen at the bottom right of your Replay Video Capture window. If you see something other than what you want to record in that little screen, back up and start over! If you have several windows, tabs or monitors, moving around among them or opening a new program can set you up to record the wrong content.
  5. Hit the “Stop” button at the end of your recording. To play, just hit the “Play” button, and the video will come up and start playing in an FLV player window.
  6. Since you want to pull down the MP3 file so you can play it on a music player, click on the Replay Video Capture “View” button and then right click on your file. Choose “Convert.”
  7. Now the Replay Converter window will appear. The default setting aims your converted file into the same folder. Make sure the “Convert to Audio File” button is selected. Now click on “Go.”
  8. Replay Converter will show you the progress of your file conversion.
  9. Now you can use the player of your choice to play your new file.

That’s it — now you know how to extract and record MP3s from MySpace videos.

Get started today:

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