Record MOG Online

MOG is a great resource for online music listeners. But what if you want to record and collect MOG songs so you can listen to them whenever you want, like when you are camping at the South Pole with no internet access?

It’s easy to record MOG songs with Replay Media Catcher from Applian Technologies. Here’s how it works . . . .

Tips on Recording MOG Music

  1. Download a copy of Replay Media Catcher from the Applian Technologies website.
  2. Start the program. Now find an MOG song — or songs — you want to record. Replay Media Catcher will start recording:
  3. If you’re playing an album, the first song will show as a complete recording while Replay Media Catcher creates a new file for the next song:
  4. Once a song has recorded, just click on the song icon’s down arrow. Now you can rename the file or convert it to another format:

It can’t get much easier than that. Now you know how to record MOG online. Just take these simple steps to start recording now:

  • Visit the Applian Technologies website today
  • Download your own copy of Replay Media Catcher
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