How to Record Any Internet Radio Show

There are millions of great internet radio stations you can groove on for free. But it seems like the programming you want is always on at the wrong time — at 4:00 in the morning, while you’re in class trying to catch up on sleep, or when Futurama is on.

But have no fear — it’s easy to record internet radio shows you love, thanks to Applian Technologies and Replay Radio. Once you’ve recorded a song, you can play it on your Idevice, MP3 player, PC or smart phone whenever you feel like it.

Learning How to Record Internet Radio

  1. Step number one: visit the Applian Technologies website and download Replay Radio.
  2. Open Replay Radio and find an internet radio station you’d like to record. Note that there is a separate how-to for scheduling recordings ahead of time with Replay Media Catcher. This how-to covers stations that are not among the hundreds in the Applian Technologies station guides. Click on the “Guides” button. If your radio station is not shown here, proceed with this tutorial:
  3. Click Replay Radio′s “Audio” button. Click “Start” and turn on your internet radio station if it’s not on already. You’re about to record internet radio.
  4. You will see an icon for your new recording. The file size number will increase dynamically as the recording continues. It’s a good idea to experiment with any given radio station, as some broadcasts will use more memory than others. Click “Stop” when you want to finish a recording, and you will see a “Complete” designation on the icon for your file. Remember that recordings take up memory, so don’t forget to hit the “Stop” button. Otherwise, you might end up with a giganctic file that contains stuff you don’t want. You can always trim off the excess with the Applian Technologies Media Splitter, but it’s easier to get it right the first time around.
  5. Great as Replay Radio is, it’s not a mind reader! So you will probably want to right click on the icon’s down arrow and use the “Rename” function to name the recording in whatever way is most helpful for you. Type in your title and hit the return key on your keyboard.
  6. Let’s say you want to take your recording off your computer and transfer it to an iDevice, Android phone, or an MP3 player. Just click on Replay Radio′s “Library” icon and look for your recording.

See where it says “No Conversion Setting”? Click there and you will see cascading windows where you can narrow down your choice to a type of device and then a specific file type. In this example, where choosing a file type for an iPhone:

So that’s it — now you can record any internet radio show. That said, here’s all you need to start recording now:

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