XFINITY TV Recording Overview

Now that Comcast streams television content through your computer, you’ll find a snap with Replay Video Capture from Applian Technologies.

Recording XFINITY content allows you to hang on to shows that may not be available forever, and you can watch them even in hellish wireless dead zones.

Streaming XFINITY TV Recording

  1. Visit the Applian Technologies website and download Replay Video Capture.
  2. Log in to your Comcast account on your computer, go the streaming television programming and pick a show to watch and record.
  3. Open Replay Video Capture and look for the program’s blue window to appear. Hit “Get Video,” and a sizing rectangle will appear on your screen. As in the example below, you may need to use your cursor to pull the window into an exact fit over the part of the screen you want to record:
  4. Once you have the green rectangle covering your Comcast TV screen, start playing the Comcast show, and then hit Replay Video Capture’s “Record” button. (You can let the commercials run first.)
  5. When Replay Media Catcher starts recording, you should see a small screen appear under the Settings icon at the bottom right of the blue window. This small window should display exactly what you are recording. Moving around between tabs or windows during a recording session can cause the program to record something you don’t want.
  6. XFINITY TV recording can use a lot of memory, so make sure to hit Replay Media Catcher’s “Stop” button when your show ends.
  7. To view your recording, hit Replay Media Catcher’s “Play” button. An Applian Technologies FLV Player window will open, and the show you recorded most recently will begin playing:
  8. Hit the “View” button and a window will appear listing the videos in the RVC folder. Just right click on a video and choose the “Rename” function to if you want to use your own file names.

Replay Video Catcher makes XFINITY TV recording easy, so you can archive shows or watch at your convenience in locations where there is no internet access.

So get with the program and start recording now! All it takes is two simple steps:

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