Record Netflix Online

Netflix has plenty of content to stream through your computer, but what if you want to save part of a program and watch it in an environment where there is no internet access? Use Replay Video Capture from Applian Technologies to record Netflix online shows and take them camping or wherever!

Learn How to Record Netflix Online

It’s pretty easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Applian Technologies website and download Replay Video Capture.
  2. Get your video cued up to play. You will need to log in to your Netflix account and pick a show or movie.
  3. You’ll want to start recording just before you start playing your content, but first click on the “Mark Video Window” button in Replay Video Capture.
  4. You may need to pull the green sizing box to the right dimensions. You can see below that the box needs to be extended slightly upwards to capture the entire frame of the movie:
  5. Once recording starts, the pane at the bottom right of the Replay Video Catcher screen will track what you are recording. If what’s in the pane is not what you are trying to record, back it up and start over! Be careful not to move or minimize the window where your content is playing — you could end up recording another window or your desktop by accident. You want to record Netflix online, not make a copy of some random old tab you left open.
  6. Always remember to hit the program’s stop button when your show is over. Otherwise, you will waste memory on material you don’t want to see. If you do end up recording past the end of your program, use Applian Technologies’ Replay Media Splitter program to snip off the part you don’t want.
  7. To locate the file for your recording, click on Replay Video Capture’s “View” Button to locate the file containing your content. You can rename the file to make it easier to identify in the future. Just right click on the file name:
  8. A window like the one below will appear. Just type in the file name you wish to use. (The file must be closed before you rename it.)

Remember to keep track of how much memory you’re using — recording a movie will take up gigabytes of space.

That’s about all there is to it if you want to record Netflix online.

So if you want to record Netflix online content, here’s how to get there now:

Visit the Applian Technologies website.

Download Replay Video Capture and record Netflix content now

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