How Put Videos on iPod Touch and iPhone

If you’ve latched onto a new Apple iDevice, it’s good to know that you are not limited to content from the Apple Store. In fact, you’ll find that it’s easy to copy all kinds of videos to iPhone or iPod Touch players or have them automatically converted to iTunes.
Just grab a copy of Applian Technologies’ Replay Media Catcher, the fastest and simplest way to put videos on iPod Touch or your favorite i-Device.

Tips for Putting Videos on iPod Touch and iPhone

  1. Download and install your copy of Replay Media Catcher.
  2. You will see the program window and the start/stop recording button. A smaller window will ask if you want to start recording, but change your settings first to fit your Apple needs. A pull-down conversion menu offers settings for iTunes and specific devices such as the iPod, iPod Touch and iPad. Pick the device setting from the pull-down menu and then check the “Import into iTunes” box visible at the lower left in the image above.
  3. Once you’ve established your settings, hit the red “Record” button, and then start the video you want to capture. You’re ready to put videos on your iPod Touch or iPhone. The video will probably have downloaded and converted even before it finished playing:
  4. To convert the file for iPhone use, click on the down arrow on the right of the video’s icon. A second icon will appear for the video’s conversion to a file for the Apple product you selected in step two.

Now go to your iTunes, where you will find the video in “Movies” and can rename it to make it easier to search for in the future. Just click on the file’s title bar and replace the generic default title:

So whatever flavor of Apple you want to take a bite out of, use Replay Media Catcher to record videos for your iPad, iPod, iTouch or iPhone! Why wait to put videos on iPod Touch?

All you need to do to start recording glorious videos for your Apple products is:

  1. Visit the Applian Technologies website
  2. Download Replay Media Catcher now

Click the here for more information on Applian Technologies and how to put videos on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad with Replay Media Catcher.

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