How to Play Flash Video FLV Files

If you use a PC and want to open and play FLV Flash Video files, just download the Applian Technologies Free FLV Player. This is the best tool for handling the pesky file extension FLV. And it doesn’t get any cheaper than free!

Just about anyone with a computer can and does visit websites and watch content created with FLV Flash Video files. But the typical PC is not equipped to open, much less automatically play Flash Video FLV files, after downloading them.

Many a would-be viewer has downloaded an FLV video onto a PC only to find that the computer has no application to open the .FLV extension files that power so much internet video watching.

No problem — it’s easy to download the FLV Player for instant viewing:

FLV Player Flash Video Tutorial

  1. Visit the FLV Player page and click Download. Follow the installation instructions. (Note: The option with Freecorder 5 is recommended!)
  2. You should now see an icon for the Applian FLV Player on your desktop
  3. When you want to play FLV Flash Video files, go to the directory where you stashed your recordings and double click a file you want to watch.

You can now play Flash video FLV files that you have saved, along with as many as you feel like collecting in the future.

It’s that easy — and it’s free.

So grab your own free copy of the Applian FLV Player so you can play Flash Video FLV videos today.

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