Download Flash Videos and Animation (FLV and SWF Files)

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High speed broadband has made a galaxy of video available to everyone, but a lot people don’t realize how easy it is to download Flash videos and animation with Replay Media Catcher. More and more sites are using Flash Video as their streaming video solution of choice, so this easy-to-use program becomes more useful every day.

Flash video appears in two forms: animation (SWF files) and video files (FLV files). What if you want to download flash videos and hang on to them? And how do you play them back?

This article tells you how to capture Flash videos (FLV files) using Replay Media Catcher. There’s a video tutorial at the end of the article as well.

How to Download Flash Videos or Animation

  1. First, download and install a copy of Replay Media Catcher.
  2. Open Replay Media Catcher and click on the box that says “Download Music and Video.” Then hit the “Do It!” button.
  3. When the program window opens, you will see a toggle set to “On.” The green “On” button tells you that Replay Media Catcher will start recording as soon as you start playing. The green “On” button tells you that Replay Media Catcher is ready to start capturing media, including Flash animation and video files. If you see a red “Off” button, click it to initiate recording.
  4. Go to the site that you want to record from. Again, make sure Replay Media Catcher is “On.” Once you start playing the video that you want to capture, it will immediately show up in the Media Catcher list. And it will probably show up as a “Complete” recording even before the video has finished playing. Now you know how to download Flash videos to your heart’s content.
  5. Go ahead and play–and record–as many videos as you want. They will all appear in the Replay Media Catcher window. To play back a video, click on the arrow at the top right of the video’s icon in the Catcher window. When the pulldown menu appears, just click on “Play.

Once you are done recording, make sure to hit the “Off” button or close Replay Media Catcher. Otherwise the program will record anything else you play, possibly leaving you with files you didn’t want to record or use disk space to store.

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