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If your YouTube downloading needs have taken you beyond what you can do with helpful sites like, it’s time to up the ante with the Applian Technologies recording program Replay Media Catcher. This ingenious software will make it way easier for you to download YouTube videos and keep track of them.

Replay Media Catcher will not only download the videos but also name them, and even let you convert them to another format in one easy step. We recommend Replay Media Catcher as the easiest and most versatile option — just open it, click Start Recording and play the YouTube video you want to grab. The video will be saved automatically, along with something really handy: the NAME of the video. Even better, downloading YouTube videos with the Replay Media Catcher demo is 100% free.

Here’s how to Download YouTube Videos with Replay Media Catcher

  1. Snag yourself a copy of Replay Media Catcher from Applian Technologies.
  2. Open Replay Media Catcher. Click on the box that says “Download Music and Video as it plays in your browser.”
  3. At the top left of the program window, you will see a toggle set to “On,” which means recording will start as soon as you start playing a video. (If the “Off” button appears, just click it into the “On” mode.) The green “On” button tells you that Replay Media Catcher is ready to download YouTube videos. Again, it’s crucially important to start recording before going to the web sites where you want to capture flash video and animation.
  4. Go to YouTube. Once you start playing the video that you want to capture, it will immediately appear in the Replay Media Catcher list. And it will most likely show up as a “Complete” recording even before the video has finished playing:
  5. Go ahead and play as many videos as you want. They will all appear in the Replay Media Catcher window. To play back a video, click on the arrow at the top right of the video’s icon. When the pulldown menu appears, just click on “Play.”

Once you are done recording, make sure to hit the “Off” button or close Replay Media Catcher. Otherwise the program will record anything else you play, possibly leaving you with files you didn’t want to record or use disk space to store.

That’s all there is to it!

Replay Media Catcher can download video from YouTube and thousands of other sites. Additionally, Replay Media Catcher can record multiple videos simultaneously. So just load the video you want to download, start playing it and once Replay Media Catcher starts recording you can move on to another video and start recording that too.

It’s so easy. There are just two more important steps:

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