MySpace Downloader for Videos

Ever wanted to download MySpace videos and watch them later? Replay Video Capture provides the easiest and best quality MySpace downloader for convenient video viewing and recording. Just open the program, click “Start Recording,” and play the videos — that’s as simple as it gets!

MySpace Downloader Tips

  • Step number one is to visit Applian Technologies and download Replay Video Capture.
  • Find a MySpace video you want to record, and open Replay Video Capture.
  • Click on Replay Video Capture’s “Mark Video Window.” A green rectangle will appear. Pull and/or stretch the rectangle so that it defines the exact area you want to record. Make sure you aren’t accidentally recording junk outside the video.
  • Hit Replay Video Capture’s “Record” button, and then start your video. You should see a smaller version of your video playing in the pane in the bottom right of the Replay Video Capture window:
  • Once the video is done, you will see its title in the Replay Video Capture Window. Now you know how to use a quality MySpace downloader for videos!
  • Just click on the “Play” button. An Applian Technologies FLV Player window will come up, and your recorded video will begin to play.
  • An easy way to locate and rename your video files is to hit Replay Video Capture’s “View” button. Then you’ll see a screen that lists your videos, starting with the most recent at the top.
  • Just right click on a video and choose from options for naming or converting to other file types.

It’s very easy to download and use the MySpace downloader Replay Video Capture — just take these two simple steps:

See this video for more information on Replay Video Capture
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