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If you’re Jonesing to clamp your mitts on a DailyMotion downloader, Replay Media Catcher is the fastest, easiest way to get the job done. 

Just pop open Replay Media Catcher and play the videos you want to capture.

The demo version of Replay Media Catcher will capture YouTube videos in their entirety and 75% of videos on other sites.

Using a DailyMotion Downloader

  • Step number one is to download a copy of Replay Media Catcher.
  • When you open the program, you’ll see a tutorial page that points you in the right direction:
  • Click on the box that says “Download Music and Video as it plays in your browser.”
  • When the program window opens, you will see a toggle set to “On.” The green “On” button tells you that Replay Media Catcher will start recording as soon as you start playing.
  • Go to Dailymotion.com and play the video that you want to capture. As soon as the video starts playing it will appear in the Media Catcher list. The video has finished downloading, and you can see in the background that it hasn’t even finished playing on the site. This program is not only easy, but lightning fast when it comes to pulling down files. Now you too know how to use the best DailyMotion downloader around.
  • To play the video, simply right click on the file, and choose “Play”. The video will automatically start playing in the Applian FLV and Media Player:
  • Remember to click “Off” when you are done recording. Otherwise, the program may continue recording videos or other material that you don’t want crowding up your hard drive.
  • It’s easy to rename the file as well. Click on the file name in the Replay Media Catcher window and start typing in the name of your choice.

That’s all there is to it if you need a DailyMotion downloader that’s really easy to use.

You can also record multiple videos simultaneously. Just click on the videos you want, and Replay Media Catcher will start snagging them. You can download several videos in less time than it takes to watch one!

Replay Media Catcher will also capture RTMP and HTTP protocols. And it works smoothly on most music sites too.

Download the demo of Replay Media Catcher today and download DailyMotion videos.

Learn more about capturing streaming videos using Replay Media Catcher here.

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